Top Korean Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Hi, guys and welcome to my blog for a Korean restaurant that people saying it is quite the best place for Korean food Abu Dhabi and Asian food in the UAE let's find out together more useful information about the restaurant.

The Name of The Place:

Taon Korean Restaurant is located in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates the address of the place is Corniche Road East Capital Plaza Complex - Abu Dhabi Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche) #P2 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.

The Food At Taon:

In this restaurant, The menu is full of delicious food as the Restaurant is Korean they serve traditional Korean food and the Asian food is Chinese food but the Korean version of it and the Japanese food is such as seafood.

The Food Types in TAON:

As I said up there in the lines Taon serves several country's foods with Korean food in the Korean restaurant so that is why they have a great menu, and Chinese and Japanese food they separate to let's say lunch set and dinner set and they add the name of the food country together sample ( Japanese lunch set A Japanese lunch set B ) like this way so great and fantastic, and for the other food is also same they prepared it perfectly good.

What Is The Chinese Menu In Taon:

The food is called Chinese food but it is not Chinese for sure so let's say the food jjajangmyeon is a noodle famous food that the Koreans like to have it and it is known as a black noodle also and they are saying it is a Chinese noodle in Korea just the name of it related to china the preparation of it and the ingredients are made in Korea and they are using the Korean way of making this Korean noodles.

The Japanese Menu In Taon:

In Taon the Japanese food is seafood such as sushi and sashimi and there is a whole menu for Japanese seafood at taon I went there once to taste the seafood there with my coworkers last month because I've heard that the taste is great so we were wondering about it and it was correct saying about the seafood it has the real taste of the sushi and sashimi luxury authentication taste.

The Cook At Taon:

The food at Taon is prepared by a Korean Cook that they have old experience working in five stars hotels in Korea and long-term work in places that serve Asian food Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food there. So finding a cuisine in UAE made by Korean cooks is quite not an easy thing here. So we were so lucky that we had the food at that restaurant 🍴.

The Beverage At Taon:

The best wine 🍷 menu in Asian cuisine in UAE and that there is a Korean food there is a fried chicken it is a Korean way of making this fried chicken and the Korean have it with the beer! Yes!!! with beer and in the Korean language it is called chimaek means chicken and beer food (치맥). I advise you to go to have this great beer and Korean fried chicken mix together you won't regret having it ever and properly you will come back again to have it once more.

Will we now finish our blog about Korean cuisine in UAE for today I hope you liked the topic and see you in other useful articles.